Midgard, the Icelandic Comic Con!

Midgard, the Icelandic Comic Con!

Holy Odin! Last weekend we exhibited at Midgard the Icelandic Comic Con and it was amazing! Awesome to finally get to exhibit at a Con in our own country! 

Midgard is hosted by Nexus and covers cosplay, comics, video games, table top games and more. This was the conventions second year and it had a great attendance. The Vikings had a booth of their own, the gamers, the 501st legion Icelandic outpost, the cosplayers and of course Tulipop. It was especially mesmerising to watch all the fans try out in development games around us and how far we (Iceland) are in the online gaming industry, and that is speaking outside of EVE online. 

We're always as amazed and warmed over the community that these events create. Comic book and pop culture crowds are so open and always know how to bring a smile!

Image from Midgard official facebook

People definitely levelled up on their cosplay and got both nostalgic and monstrous about it. Our favourite was this orc from Lord of the Rings. Isn't he amazing?!

Tulipop was a hit with the attendees and of course Fred stole the scene! We had a giveaway going on and the aww's and ooh's didn't stop 💥 Thanks for being awesome Fred fans!

And thanks for the participation everyone! Next up, New York Comic Con next week!! See you there!

Image from Midgard Official Facebook